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The best gaming laptops for 2017

Your buying guide for the best gaming laptops in 2017
There are plenty of thinks to look for in a respectable gaming laptop. You need a capable main CPU, a graphics chip to keep your games shiny, enough system RAM to keep applications stored in memory, sizeable and fast drives to store games and other files, a great screen to view the action on – and a good chassis to bear all these components.With that in mine, we've broken down our buying advice by component to help you figure out what to look for - though you can also just skip straight ahead to our review round-up.Oh, and if you're open to buying a laptop that's not been designed specifically with gaming in mind, check out our guide to the best laptops for 2017.
Which processor is best in a gaming laptop?
From Intel, the sixth-generation Core series processors (codename: Skylake) are well suited to the CPU task, but the latest seventh-generation (codename: Kaby Lake) are even more power efficient while getting the same amount of work done. You don't need a Kaby Lake chip, and it's better to go for a laptop with a more powerful processor from the previous generation (say a 6th-gen Core i7) rather than a lower-specification 7th-gen chip. As ever, our benchmark results in each review will tell you how quick a particular laptop is at various tasks.
Which graphics card should I choose?
The graphics chip is arguably the most important component of a gaming laptop, as it does most of the work when you're playing a game. Unlike a desktop PC, you usually can't upgrade the graphics card in a laptop, so it pays to get the best you can afford.Laptops with Nvidia GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 and 1050 graphics chips are currently the ones to look for. Unlike the 900M-series chips in older laptops, these new GPUs are not cut-down versions for laptops: they're the same as their desktop counterparts.The new GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti are found in slightly cheaper gaming laptops. We were expecting to see much lower prices (around £600-700) but as of yet, such laptops are still around the £1000 mark. But if you can't afford £1,000, there are still good deals to be had, so read our reviews to find out if gaming performance is up to the level you require.
What screen size do I need for a gaming laptop?
Laptop screens have improved in recent years, with screen resolutions now settling at full-HD, 1920 x 1080 pixels, and using better technology than the basic TN type found on cheap portables. Look out for IPS panels which offer wide and consistent viewing from all angles, better contrast ratio and wider colour gamuts.Don’t be misled by boasts about screen brightness – contrast ratio, especially at lower brightness settings, is far more important than dazzling your eyes with 300cd/m2 figures.
It’s also easier to find screens now with more practical anti-glare finishes, reversing the trend of high-gloss reflective panels that were once unavoidable from most brands.And you can usually ignore the trend for greater-than-HD resolution, since graphics processors struggle with UHD (4K) screens. For most gamers, 1920 x 1080 is a happy compromise between glorious on-screen detail and playable framerates.
How much storage do I need?
For storage, a solid-state drive will greatly improve the user experience when it comes to booting a PC, launching programs and opening and saving files. It won’t make your games run faster, although it may reduce any loading times between levels, and they should start up faster.
Nevertheless an SSD is always recommended, with the option of a second, traditional capacious hard disk inside to keep your games stored.
Do gaming laptops have better sound?
Some gamers like to use headphones or headsets, especially in multi-player settings, but if you don’t anticipate spending your time donning ear defenders you should still find that modern gaming laptops run quieter today. Which means you may get to appreciate the built-in stereo speakers.
Some sport brand badges to suggest bespoke audio systems – we’ve seen B&O, Dynaudio, Harman, Klipsch and Onkyo put their names to tinny laptop speakers recently – although in our experience, these are more window dressing, with some of the best sounding laptops bearing no fancy badges.
Battery life and other considerationsBattery life is perhaps less a concern for a desktop-replacement type of gaming laptop, although that’s more a historical resignation caused by the long-standing difficulty in combining fast graphics with svelte and mains-dodging laptops.
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Samsung Notebook 9 Pro With Embedded S Pen Launched at Computex 2017

After initially keeping its S Pen stylus exclusive to phablets and tablets, Samsung has now launched its Notebook 9 Pro flexible laptop with an embedded S Pen. Launched at Computex 2017 in 13.3-inch and 15-inch display variants, Notebook 9 Pro comes with a 360-degree hinge and while the pricing and availability for the laptop has not been announced yet, it can be expected to be made available later this year.The Samsung Notebook 9 Pro runs Windows 10 and is powered by a Intel Core i7 processor. Both 13.3-inch and 15-inch laptops feature full-HD (1080x1920 pixels) touchscreen display but the smaller variant comes with an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 chip, while the larger one comes with dedicated AMD Radeon RX 540 graphics. The 13.3-inch model of Samsung Notebook 9 Pro packs 8GB of DDR4 RAM while the 15-inch variant packs 16GB of RAM. Both variants will be made available with 256GB of SSD storage.However, moving to the most interesting aspect of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro, the new S Pen stylus comes with a 0.7mm tip and can detect more than 4,000 levels of pressure, as per the company's claims. The S Pen further comes with Air Command feature that allows users to take notes, edit documents, and draw. "The S Pen is also fully compatible with Windows Ink Workspace for convenient use and additional Ink-powered features. The S Pen always stays on and never requires any charging," the company said in its release.
In terms of ports, the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro comes with two USB 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C port, an HDMI port, and a microSD slot. Other connectivity options on the laptop include 802.11 ac 2x2 and Bluetooth 4.1.The 13.3-inch variant of the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro measures 310.13x216.92x16.00mm and weighs around 1.3kg while the 15-inch variant measures 367.22x239.01x17.02mm and weighs 1.72kg. The laptop will be made available in Titan Silver colour Asus Helpline Number
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Asus' thinnest convertible laptop leads its Computex showcase

Asus has claimed it has created the world's thinnest convertible laptop with the ZenBook Flip S.
Measuring in at 10.9mm thin and 1.1kg in weight, it trumps even the 12-inch MacBook as the smallest and lightest laptop. To create such a compact convertible, Asus constructed a new ergo lift hinge design that's made of steel alloy and only measures 3.9mm in thickness. This mechanism should also see users through opening and closing the notebook at least 20,000 times. Meanwhile, the body is made of aerospace-grade aluminum, and for cooling Asus has went with an ultrathin vapor-chamber cooling system.Another core piece of the ZenBook Flip S is a 13.3-inch nano edge 4K UHD display that features ultrathin 6.11mm bezels.With a touchscreen the ZenBook Flip S also fully supports the Windows Ink and works in tandem with the Asus Pen to offer 1,024 levels of precision, as well as reading 10 to 300 grams of force. Windows Hello is also fully supported with an integrated fingerprint sensor.Modern Standby combined with Instant Resume features see the laptop waking up from sleep 3 times faster than other laptops. This is partially thanks to the ZenBook Flip S' speedy hardware that includes the latest Intel Core i7 CPUs with up to 1TB PCIe SSDs and 16GB of DDR3 RAM.

The Asus ZenBook Flip S starts at $1,099, however, the company has yet to say anything on availability.Timelord science Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe, which the company calls most prestigious laptop in the world.Measuring in at 12.9mm and weighing just 1.1kg, it's incredibly light and thin for a 14-inch laptop in a 13-inch notebook shell. This is made possible thanks to its chassis being made of aerospace-grade metal. The Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe also sees the same nano-edge display that also uniquely features a 0.55mm thin sheet of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for the cover glass. Configurations go up to an Intel Core i7, 1TB PCIe SSD and 16GB of RAM. If you want more power the laptop also connects to Asus' external GPU solution, the XG Station 2.In terms of inputs, it includes a glass covered touch pad and fully back-lit keyboard. The ZenBook 3 Deluxe also features quad-speakers with Harmon Kardon's Smart Amp technology to make it three-times louder than your average laptop.Asus has set the starting price for the ZenBook 3 Deluxe at $1,199, but again, hasn't mentioned availability.Move over MacBook Pro Rounding out the trio of Ultrabook announcements was the Asus ZenBook Pro. It amps up the power with an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti and Intel Core i7 H-series (read: quad-core) processors.Over other ZenBooks, the Pro is further upgradable to a 1TB PCIe x4 SSD and 16GB DDR4 RAM.Despite all this power the ZenBook Pro is also thin and light at just 18.9mm thick and 1.8kg in weight. The 15.6-inch nano-edge 4K display is no slouch either.
The Pro also features a 14 hour battery life thanks to a 73WHr battery and can charge up to 60% after 49 minutes. Quad-speakers also find their way to the Pro for a 2.5x louder sound and 1.6x wider frequency response.The Asus ZenBook Pro starts at $1,299 with no word on availability.
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The best laptop deals in May 2017: cheap laptops for every budget

Looking for the best laptop deals? You're in the right place then! Every week we take an in-depth look through all of the biggest and best retailers to find the best value laptops and special offers. There's no need to wait for the Black Friday deals, we'll find you one today.If you're after a cheap laptop for web browsing and other simple tasks, or you need a new laptop for school or work, or you simply need a really powerful laptop for as little money as possible, we have options for you.
At the top of the page you'll find our selection of the very latest and best cheap laptop deals of the week followed by a selection of popular quality laptops that retailers like to discount on a regular basis. Underneath those laptop deals you'll find our pick of the latest best laptops and the best available prices.If you're from the States, check out the top laptop deals in the US in our always-updated guide.The best laptop deals of the week HP 14-ax000na: This is easily the cheapest laptop I've ever seen that's so thin. I mean, look at it! £179 is a great price for such a thin model, but why not save a further £20 by using the voucher code: TDX-HKFY. Get it for £159 @ Tesco.HP 14-AN009NA: A basic but solid 4GB budget laptop for those with modest needs for a simple workstation. It's a refurbished model, but that means a hefty discount down from around £250 to £179.99 @Tesco's eBay.
Samsung X303C Chromebook: This is easily the cheapest laptop deal this week at just £99.99. This is a refurbished Chromebook, but it comes with a one year warranty. If you're not looking to do much beyond web browsing, and document editing, this is steal at £99.99 on eBay.

Lenovo Yoga 510: At just £379, this is considerably cheaper than the svelte Windows version of the new Lenovo Yoga Book. This very tidy two-in one Windows laptop/tablet convertible has 4GB of RAM and a generous 128GB SSD. Not bad at all just just £379 at PC World

Linx 1020 10-Inch Tablet with Keyboard:  Just need a portable tablet with a keyboard attachment for casual browsing and working on some documents? We've seen this go for £150 without the keyboard, so don't miss this bundle for £129.94 at Amazon

Asus C201PA Chromebook: If you're happy to say goodbye to Windows and take advantage of the very capable Google/Android ecosystem services for basic laptop needs this 11.6-inch Chromebook comes with a 13-hour battery life. Amazon has knocked £20 off and you can get it now for just £179.99

HP 255 G5: This 15.6-inch laptop is a steal at this price as it comes with a 256GB Solid State Drive. The quad core processor and 4GB of RAM should power though your day-to-day activities. Now £309.99 @ ebuyer The best gaming laptop deals of the week

ASUS ROG Strix: Amazon has knocked £250 off this gaming laptop deal. For your money you get a Kabylake i5 Processor, 12GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD and a more for £849.99 at Amazon.

Medion Erazer X7843: If you're going to need something with considerably more grunt, then Medion has discounts on the Erazer line too. How about a £350 discount on one with an i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M graphics, 16GB of RAM, a 128GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive for £1019.99 from Medion?

Medion Erazer X7843: There's an alternative option too if you need your Solid State Drive to be even bigger. Same spec as the deal above, but with a 256GB SSD. So double the size for just an extra £100 (but the sale saves you £350 on the regular price). Get this gaming laptop deal for just £1099.99 at Medion.

MSI Apache Pro: This beast of a laptop has a big 17.3-inch screen, an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM, a speedy 128GB SSD, a 1TB hard drive and a GTX 1060 graphics card. Best of all, almost £105 has been chopped from its price but hurry as stocks are running low - now £1430 from Amazon
We'll continue adding the best laptop deals in the latest sales as we find them. Up next, you'll find the latest prices on some of the most popular laptops around, followed by the best deals on TechRadar's favourite laptops. For Read More Click Here 
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The 7 best Chromebooks of 2017

In 2011, Google partnered with Asus and Samsung to pioneer a brand of Linux-based laptops it hoped would give budget Windows notebooks a run for their money. Although the reality is that Microsoft now has its own lineup of Windows 10 S products to compete, Chromebooks had their headstart years ago.For a laptop on the cheap, look no further than these Chromebook deals
If you thought Chromebooks were nothing but Windows laptops stripped down to the Chrome browser, however, you would be dead wrong. That’s because Google recently implemented access to its Play Store across all newly released Chromebook devices, gracing users with a pool of 2.8 million apps to choose from in addition to its web-based services. Asus Customer Service Generally, Chromebooks range from around $199 (£154, AU$266) if you’re on the prowl for, say, an HP Chromebook 14 to roughly $499 (£388, AU$668) for the uniquely versatile, 2-in-1 Asus Chromebook Flip. There used to be more premium options available, but nowadays Chromebooks are all about value – bells and whistles be damned.
To help you sort through the options, we’ve formulated a list below that covers all ends of the spectrum, with only the top Chromebooks included:

Asus Chromebook Flip
Samsung Chromebook Pro
Dell Chromebook 11
Acer Chromebook 15
Acer Chromebook R11
HP Chromebook 14
HP Chromebook 13
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Surface Laptop UK launch has an annoying problem

MICROSOFT unveiled its latest Surface-branded device, the Surface Laptop, last week. The lightweight ChromeBook competitor ships with a 14.5 hour battery life, touchscreen 13.5-inch LCD display, free subscription to Office 365 – and a really annoying problem for UK buyers.This is Surface Laptop, the latest addition to Microsoft's rapidly expanding portfolio of in-house Windows devices.The sleek new notebook is designed to fill the space between the Surface Pro, the company's hybrid laptop-tablet device, and the high-end performance-focused Surface Book.Surface Laptop is a lightweight notebook with a taper design reminiscent of the MacBook Air.According to Microsoft, "this Surface perfectly blends fabric and function, power and portability, beauty and performance.
"It does all of this without compromising on the things we know are important to higher education students: battery life, display quality, storage, and portability."The Surface Laptop includes a 13.5-inch PixelSense display, protected by edge-to-edge Corning Gorilla Glass 3.The touchscreen LCD display packs more than 3.4 million pixels – and supports almost all of the same operations debuted with the Surface Studio last year, including the ability to connect the Surface Pen and Surface Dial accessories.Powering the Surface Laptop is a 7th Generation Intel Core processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage.Microsoft has fitted its new laptop with a regular USB-A port, mini DisplayPort and its magnetic Surface charger – but no USB Type-C.The Redmond-based technology firm is clearly positioning this laptop as the ideal device for students (a market that has long belonged to the Apple MacBook Air)."Surface Laptop brings the superior performance and security of Windows 10 S to a laptop that college students will love," Microsoft explicitly points out in the official blog about the new laptop.

It adds: "We built Surface Laptop to do two things: refresh the classic laptop form factor that our customers, especially college students, have been asking for; and make a Surface that works seamlessly to showcase the best of Windows 10 S."Surface Laptop is available to pre-order in the UK now, with prices starting from £979 for the entry-level model with 128GB SSD hard drive, an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM.UK prices for the Surface Laptop top-out at £2,149 for a model with a 512GB SSD, and a Intel Core i7 processor coupled with a hefty 16GB of RAM.

Microsoft says the laptop will start to ship June 15th 2017.
Unfortunately, although the promotional posters, and brilliant reveal trailer – complete with an almost unrecognisable Grease cover – show-off the four stunning colours available, not all of these are available in the UK.Microsoft goes into great detail about the colours it has chosen for the Surface Laptop.The US company describes the Graphite Gold variation like "the shimmer in the metal and material bring a comforting glow", and claims the "elegance" of the Burgundy finish "stands out".
"The colour shifts from soft rose to deep red as you move from day to night or from inside to out," it adds.But UK buyers will miss-out on these coloured aluminium options, with only the standard Platinum finish available in the UK at launch.

It's unclear whether Microsoft will bring the other colour options to the UK later in the year.
Only the United States will get all four colour options available at launch, with the full spectrum limited to the i5-7200U 8GB/256GB model.According to Microsoft, "With Windows 10 S, applications that teachers and students download come from the Windows Store where they are first verified for security, and then locally they each run in a safe 'container' to ensure that Windows 10 S offers the power of full-featured applications, with experiences like the full version of Office 365, including all of the capabilities of Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint, among others.
"With Windows 10 S, educators and students will have access to their favourite and most-used applications across STEM, learning tools, secure assessment tools, content publishers, interactive whiteboards and more."Customers is available to pre-order in the United States and Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom where available at Microsoft Store, and selected retailers. Surface Laptop will also be available in Canada and China later this year, and availability in other markets will be announced in the coming months, Microsoft has confirmed.
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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Asus Laptop Boot Problems

Ok so while I was on my Asus Laptop it fell off my bed and onto the floor. After that it started freaking out so I decided to restart it. After I did that it gave me a screen saying

Your PC needs to be repaired
A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.
Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Start-up Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings
I couldn't get past this screen
So I went out and bought a USB which did nothing. I went into my UEFI Firmware Settings and changed my boot device to my Toshiba USB Device. Then it started saying Invalid Signature Error. I looked it up and the website said that I had to launch CSM and so I did. Now it is saying Reboot and Select Proper boot device. I can't get past this screen
I had also faced such kind of issue then I got Asus Customer Support and I resolved my problem They told me solution It's under below

It seems like your HDD has been affected when it fell. Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help.
- Start by loading in BIOS and see if your HDD is still listed.
- If it's listed make sure to set it as the first boot device.
- If it doesn't boot up and give your the same error "Reboot and Select Proper boot device" try reinstalling Windows again.
- Here's how to create a bootable Windows 10 USB.
- If this will not work then it's the HDD that is faulty.
- You can try taking out the HDD and put it onto a different PC and see if it would work or not.
- You can also try loading the OS using a different PC just to see if it would load or not.
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Friday, 12 May 2017

V Festival 2 for 1 tickets to go on sale at 9am

Fans of Pink and Jay-Z will be delighted at V Festival's offer
Music fans will be able to take up V Festival's tempting 2 for 1 ticket offer this morning.
Organisers have announced that from 9am today (May 12), two tickets can be bought for the price of one on the weekend camping and non-camping options.
The offer, which will last for 24 hours, also extends to Saturday and Sunday tickets.
V Festival also revealed its stage splits so music fans can work out who they want to see and when.
READ MORE: V Festival launches payment plans so you can pay for your ticket in instalments
On Saturday, August 19, Pink will headline the main stage at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, preceded by Craig David, Jess Glynne and George Ezra. The first four acts on the main stage are Madness, James Arthur, Ella Eyre and Busted.
Headlining the second stage on the Saturday are Rudimental, with Steve Aoki taking the top bill on the dance tent.
The Glee Comedy tent will be led by Joel Dommett, Lee Nelson and Seann Walsh.
V Festival has announced its stage splits for 2017, find out the clashes here
On Sunday, August 20, US megastar Jay Z will headline the main stage at Hylands Park, supported by Ellie Goulding, Emeli Sande and Stormzy.
But that's not before Jason Derulo, Clean Bandit, Jack Savoretti and Scouting for Girls have taken to the stage.
Headlining the second stage on Sunday is Pete Tong, and at the top pf the bill in the dance arena is Gorgon City Live.
The Comedy Tent will feature Joe Lycett, The Rubberbandits and Dave Hill on the top of the bill.
To buy tickets for V Festival at the discounted prices, click here.

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Asus positioned to win UK online laptop market

Asus is the brand best positioned to win in the UK’s growing online laptop market.
An analysis from Clavis Insight has found that Asus outranked its competition in five key metrics.
The vendor managed to beat the likes of Apple, Acer, MSI and HP in categories including product availability, keyword search, image presence as well as achieving higher ratings and reviews.
Clavis Insight's claim was substantiated by a combination of key performance indicators and how those factor into consumers' purchasing habits
In an increasingly competitive market, this analysis has found that Asus has successfully positioned itself going forward when it comes to online sales.
It is predicted that by 2020, over 40 per cent of total laptop sales will be made online, showing just how positive a position Asus finds itself in.
Additional information provided by the same study shows that Apple ranked the highest in regards to customer reviews, averaging a score of 4.6 out of five across all online retailers and that HP had the highest keyword return, but its low availability despite its online visibility has overall let it down.
In addition, MSI had a particular high ranking for its content despite being a much smaller and niche brand.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Asus Laptop Support

Asus is back once more with its new device, that could be a smart mechanical man pill created to figure creditably quick and which may increase the battery lifetime of the machine up to fourteen hours. Named because the Asus electrical device Pad TF300TL, it is a noteworthy evaluated, quick pill which will provide clear competition to the iPad. Asus electrical device Pad family consolidates smart tablets that went with mechanical man four.0. what is more within is quad-focus one.5GHz processor, 32GB Storage to confirm swish internet examining learning faithfully. there is probability to interface with Wi-Fi, however the numerous size will show a snag in simple addressing. The elements area unit stunning and it goes with a splendid lit up screen. The comfort dock offers it a netbook-like look. The Asus client Support has numerous applications for its mechanical man four.0 OS. Customers will get a tolerable desktop contribution with video talking and different mechanical man highlights. There area unit further applications squeezed within that consolidate MyNet, SuperNote, Asus Launcher, pole star workplace three.0, MyCloud and MyLibrary.

The 8GB house|space for storing|cupboard space} ensures giving space to store music, reports and recordings simply. It's extraordinary despite for fortification warehousing while not creating you are feeling distressed over house imperatives. within could be a Nvidia Tegra three quad-focus processor, at 1.5 rate and one GB memory. The pill could be a prompt rival to another mechanical man tab existing these days. thirty two GB cupboard space is beginning at currently enough and there's space in like manner to climb to the 64GB various, which may be seen with Asus electrical device eternity. The Asus electrical device Pad TF300TL weights not regardless one.5 pounds, and has unimaginable biotechnology, however has all the earmarks of being negligible exaggerated on the scale and weight elements. There area unit various knowledge and yield ports, as well as littler than anticipated HDMI port, Coyote State card peruser, sound jack, worked in collector, stereo speakers and power and jolt switch. The battery below commonplace conditions offers nine to ten hours utilize and with dock will while not a doubt reach around fourteen hours. The doc of Asus electrical device Pad TF300TL joins a touchpad, a comfort, an additional card peruser, USB 2.0 port and an additional battery. It ensures basic work and enclosed battery life. It's AN immaculate assistant for in a very rush customers attributable to its elastic broadband different choice to facilitate get simply connected with LTE or 2G and 3G. Moreover, there area unit 2 cameras, 1.2 MP front cameras and a 8MP back camera which matches with recording highlight. The additional noteworthy size of the Asus electrical device Pad TF300TL build destinations, recordings and different substance seem to be extraordinary. Also, there is support for ten fingers bit to confirm basic workability.

By and huge, the Asus Support range could be a reasonably assessed, large pill which matches with lit up crystal rectifier screen and numerous all the to boot stimulating elements, the additional noteworthy size could reach a deterrent within the tab's managing and use. Meanwhile, support dock is AN astonishing extension.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Asus Laptop Support Number +44-800-046-5242

Asus is back again with its new device, which is a sensible Android tablet made to work respectably fast and which can increase the battery life of the machine up to 14 hours. Named as the Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL, it's a noteworthy evaluated, fast tablet that can give clear competition to the iPad. Asus Transformer Pad family consolidates sensible tablets which went with Android 4.0. Moreover inside is quad-focus 1.5GHz processor, 32GB Storage to ensure smooth web examining learning reliably. There's chance to interface with Wi-Fi, yet the significant size can show a snag in straightforward dealing with. The parts are beautiful and it goes with a splendid lit up screen. The comfort dock gives it a netbook-like look. The Asus Customer Support has various applications for its Android 4.0 OS. Customers can get a tolerable desktop contribution with video talking and other Android highlights. There are additional applications squeezed inside which consolidate MyNet, SuperNote, Asus Launcher, Polaris Office 3.0, MyCloud and MyLibrary.

The 8GB storage space ensures bounteous space to store music, reports and recordings easily. It's phenomenal despite for fortification stockpiling without making you feel worried over space imperatives. Inside is a Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-focus processor, at 1.5 GHz and 1 GB memory. The tablet is a prompt contender to some other Android tab existing today. 32 GB storage space is starting at now enough and there is room in like manner to climb to the 64GB alternative, which can be seen with Asus Transformer Infinity. The Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL weights not regardless 1.5 pounds, and has incredible ergonomics, yet has all the earmarks of being negligible overstated on the size and weight parts. There are numerous data and yield ports, including littler than anticipated HDMI port, SD card peruser, sound jack, worked in collector, stereo speakers and power and jolt switch. The battery under commonplace conditions offers 9 to 10 hours utilize and with dock can without a doubt extend to around 14 hours. The doc of Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL joins a touchpad, a comfort, an extra card peruser, USB 2.0 port and an extra battery. It ensures basic work and included battery life. It's an immaculate accomplice for in a rush customers due to its adaptable broadband contrasting option to help get easily connected with LTE or 2G and 3G. Moreover, there are two cameras, 1.2 MP front cameras and a 8MP back camera which goes with video recording highlight. The more noteworthy size of the Asus Transformer Pad TF300TL make destinations, recordings and other substance appear to be extraordinary. Also, there's support for 10 fingers touch to ensure basic workability.

By and large, the Asus Support Number is a sensibly assessed, colossal tablet which goes with lit up LED screen and various all the additionally stimulating parts, the more noteworthy size may achieve a deterrent in the tab's managing and use. Meanwhile, support dock is an astonishing extension.